As you may already know, seeds are not only healthy sources of food for birds but humans too. From the popular chia seeds to pumpkin seeds, they contain high fiber content, protein, good fat, vitamins, and minerals like vitamin E that promote good health. Other healthy seed options include sunflower seeds, hemp, flax, and sesame.

Many people find it hard to incorporate seeds into their daily diet because they are not the tastiest.

Blend Them Into Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the best and easiest ways to incorporate seeds into your diet. You can add a tablespoon of your favorite seeds, whether pumpkin, chia, or flax, and mix with strawberries, coconut, sweet potato, cranberry, or any other fruit for a tasty smoothie. If you prefer flax seeds, it is best to add a tablespoon at a time until you get the nutty solid taste.

Eat a Granola Bowl

Another easy way to nourish your body with seeds is to make a granola bowl. The best thing about granola is that it is ready, so all you have to do is pour some into a bowl of yogurt or milk for a tasty snack that energizes you at any moment. Granola is made with notable seeds like pumpkin and chia seeds packed with healthy nutrients.

Prepare a Pudding

One of the best ways to add seeds into your diet is to experiment with different seeds to make pudding. You can add seeds to your pudding for more healthy nutrients, whether for breakfast or midday snacks. You can add some chocolate to make it tastier, and if it has nuts, the more nutrients you get.

Top Them Up on Salads

If you are a healthy eater, there is a good chance you eat salad several times a week. So what’s better than incorporating nutritious seeds into your healthy salads. Seeds are a good option for topping up salads. You can use one or two tablespoons of sunflower seeds, pumpkin, or sesame seeds to your mix of vegetables to make the healthiest salad.

Prepare Energy Bites

We always need energy bites throughout the day to energize us for the next meal. One of the best ways to enjoy nutritious seeds is to make energy bites with them. Whether you want snacks to keep you going during a workout, yoga, or a typical workday, energy bars with seeds make a great snack. They are energy boosters and also provide you with more fiber content.

Last Words

Eating seeds is very good for your health. Seeds are organic, nutritious, and easy to incorporate into your diet through smoothies, pudding, energy bites, and salads.

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