Helping Pets Adjust to Your New Home

Relocating is always stressful and not for humans alone. It is also difficult for pets. Stress normally manifests in pets in various ways. 

They can pee on carpets, bark, and hide all the time. Indoor pets only know a very limited familiar world, and if that changes, it might send them into a tailspin.

If you move with your pet and are wondering how to help them adjust to your new house, the following are ways to consider:

Spread Your Scent

Many pets, particularly dogs, depend on sense of smell to perceive the world. Keeping things they smell as much as possible during the move can help your pet feel more comfortable.

The best way to achieve this is to spray your house with some fragrances several weeks leading up to the move. Afterward, ensure your new households have the same scent to ensure your pet feels right at home.

Keep the Routine Consistent

Pets do well when they have a routine. But unfortunately, moving may disrupt that. When relocating with the help of a moving company, try everything possible to keep up with some routine.

Keep feeding times similar, put them to their bed, and take your pet on walks simultaneously. This will enable them to adjust faster because their lives with you remain unchanged.

Consider Crate Training

Give your pet home of their own. Crate training is a perfect way to give your pet a secure and safe place, which they can call their own.

Be sure to deck out their space with several chew toys and a blanket or cozy bed. However, crate training doesn’t end here. For cats, ensure to give them one room they may call theirs.

Slowly introduce them to other parts of the new home while showing them their permanent:

  • Water dishes
  • Food
  • Litter box

Visit the Neighborhood

This can only be practical, especially when moving a short distance away. If you have dogs, taking them to explore new surroundings will effectively curb their stress.

But this is not advised for cats. That is because felines normally become upset on a car ride and are less eager to navigate unfamiliar terrains than dogs.

When taking your dog on the exploration, give them time to stop and sniff new surroundings. Once you reach your new house, be sure to stay by your pet’s side as they explore.

Give Them More Attention

Pets love it when you give them a lot of attention. They completely love you, and all they need is to spend some time with you.

Although relocating is crazy and hectic, part of keeping pets stress-free is to show support and shower them with love. Take a break when decorating your new home to cuddle or play fetch on the couch.

Closing Remarks!

For the first few days, your pets will be in shock. Plus, they will not show you what they are until they get used to the new home. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to show them how to adjust to the new home with the help of these ways.

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