8 Tips for Staying Organized When Moving

Moving can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Most people get overwhelmed and confused, making them forget to park the vital things. It’s not a wonder that these times most people end up losing a lot of valuables while incurring losses due to delayed schedules. When moving, consider hiring moving companies, such as Lawrence Moving to help you with the process. To stay organized and ensure you pack and are on a schedule, you need to have a good plan. This article will explore eight tips for staying organized when moving.

Have a Plan

Before starting the moving process, it’s vital to have a well-defined plan of everything that needs to be done. This includes people that intend to help you and what things they will be doing. It is also vital to list all the crucial things that need to be packed. Write down the date and the company you are seeking to hire for your move, like important schedules and meetings, such as a meeting with your real estate agent. Other tasks you must consider include trash removal that tends to be forgotten, donations pickups, utility cancelation dates, and the things you need for packaging, such as boxes. The more details you write, the easy it will be to remember. 

Declutter Before You Move

When packaging, sort out items you need for your new location and those disposables. If you are moving to a smaller space, you must sell some items or donate some to friends. Decluttering enables you to avoid unopened boxes since they won’t be like a waste. It would also be cheaper to transport since some moving companies charge by weight. To ease this, protect access to each item and weigh if it’s practical and will be worth spending money to move it.

Remove Unwanted Items from Your Home

There is a lot of waste material that you realize even excited when decluttering. It’s vital to look for a way to dispose of these items, and a good way though do this is by returning all the items that belong to other people. You can also consider giving out some of the things to charitable organizations.

Start With the Essential

For easier settling in your new house, you need easy access to essential items. When packing, start with the most critical things and label boxes for easy retrieval. You can use the trick of packing them last on the moving vehicle, so they would come out first when offloading.

Keep Track of Your Packed Items

When packing, it’s vital to always label your boxes with items stored in them. This will help keep track of valuable things, making it easier to direct the moving company and protect fragile items from breaking.

Delegate Tasks 

Moving can be challenging, especially when doing it alone. It’s vital to allow friends and family members to help you and delegate them on what to do to avoid mixing up things.

Keep ValuableItemswith You

Some items such as medication, mobile phone, documents, cash, and checkbooks should be with you to avoid getting mixed up. Also, the irreplaceable items should always be with you all the time.

Download Moving Apps

You must take advantage of the technology and download applications that will help ease the moving process. Some apps will help you find new homes and look for moving companies.


The above tips will help your moving process be smooth and keep you organized. Remember to tick against any task completed to know the ones that need attention.                          

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