Getting People to RSVP for Your Wedding

So, after setting an RSVP deadline and including it on your wedding invitations and website, you haven’t gotten as many RSVPs as you had hoped.

Fortunately, we are aware of how to remind visitors to RSVP, whether it is prior to or beyond your desired date. Whether you send out traditional wedding invitations or are gradually getting responses through your wedding website, RSVPs are quite helpful.

They inform you of the guests who will be there, provide your wedding vendors with an exact guest count, and assist you in beginning the table assignment process that will be helpful during your wedding photography in Singapore.

Speak to Them Directly.

Consider personally asking your close relatives and friends to RSVP if they haven’t already done so. Your family members can quickly respond if you’re gathering RSVPs online by using their phones.

If you’re using paper RSVPs, remember to bring an extra response card the next time you visit your loved ones and record their response on it so you can later add it to your spreadsheet.

Call Them.

The best way to gently remind someone to respond to a wedding invitation is to call them. A phone call is more intimate because the visitor can hear your (welcoming) voice. Despite the fact that texting is more convenient than talking on the phone, there is less chance that your request will come across as forceful or fake to your guests.

You should use the phone to contact your friends and family while your partner calls theirs as a team. When you call, don’t ask them to RSVP right away.

Before making your request, first, inquire about their well-being. A polite but firm reminder will help things get back on track because it’s likely that your visitors were unaware that they missed the deadline.

Send Them a Private Note.

Want to steer clear of potentially embarrassing phone calls? According to our bridal studios Singapore, the best course of action for you is to email your visitors a reminder to RSVP. The visitors may feel embarrassed if you send them a mass email after they miss the RSVP deadline.

Instead, write a happy, personalized note to every guest informing them that the deadline has passed but that you would still love to have them at your wedding and that a timely answer is required in order for you to get an accurate headcount.

Don’t send group messages to visitors or tag them in a post if you wish to communicate with them on social media. If you’ve been open about your wedding planning process online, a better choice is to write a post or article that subtly mentions the deadline. You may target your social media-savvy family members in this way without making them feel singled out in front of everyone.

Put it in the Spotlight on Your Wedding Website.

Including the RSVP deadline on the home page of your wedding website is the easiest approach to remind guests to RSVP. One of the few specifics you can include on your wedding website and invites is this. Just write, “We are eager for you to join us in our celebration. Please RSVP so we can start the party!” Add online RSVP instructions next to the reminder to make sure there are no hiccups.

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