Public Speaking Ideas to Learn From Karen Mccleave

To many, public speaking is a scary task they avoid at all costs. But in most cases, public speaking is not an option. Therefore, you must learn ideas to help you be confident and comfortable with public speaking. And that’s where Kareen Mc Cleave comes in. As a criminal prosecutor, she conducted dozens of jury trials and was a public speaker at conferences and educational programs. Karen has in-depth experience and ideas about public speaking and is a role model to many.

Here are public speaking ideas that you can learn from Karen McCleave.

1. Create Your Thesis

According to Karen Mccleave lawyer, having a clear focus should be your foremost concern if you want to succeed as a public speaker. Your purpose of public speaking should be clear and direct. Therefore, make it solid and captivating to ensure you get your listeners’ attention.

Start by creating a thesis describing your purpose that matches your goals. After completing your thesis, think of how you will present the points. Ensure you have a good flow of ideas from the beginning to the end.

2. Know Your Audience.

During her tenure, Karen addressed various types of audiences. And the kind of audience determined many things during her public speaking. Therefore, for successful public speaking, you must understand your audience and what will capture their ears.

For instance, if you’re addressing wealthy people, you must keep your talk concise and to the point because their time is money.

But if speaking on a podcast, be casual and avoid terminologies your listeners might not understand.

3. Practice Regularly

Like other practices, public speaking requires practice and effort. Karen Mccleave says good advocacy is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Also, practice is a common thing among the most outstanding public speakers. That means you have to memorize and understand the cadence of each point in your speech. 

Through practice, you will know the length of your presentation, which will help you keep time. McCleave insists on the importance of practice that it will make you stand out as a confident person.

4.Be Well Prepared

Preparation is critical; this involves gathering your informative materials and how to present them. Through preparation, you’ll identify your weakness and address them promptly.

Also, be presentable while delivering your presentation. Have proper attires that give you a professional look and body language. Mccleave knew the importance of being presentable while addressing any audience.

5. Connect With Your Audience

While addressing the jury, Karen knew how to connect with their emotions. That helped her to make her speeches effective by getting optimal attention from the audience.

Therefore, try to get your audience’s psychological involvement during public speaking. You can use various tactics such as stories, videos, and pictures and engage them by asking rhetorical questions. That will give you an attentive audience, and you can deliver your points effectively.


Public speaking has been a nominal position and responsibility in many job descriptions. It is not a choice to have good public speaking skills but a necessity. Therefore, consider the mentioned tips to become a better public speaker.

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